Bobby Vassallo is a city wireless builder and fiber network builder. He knows that all good networks tie back to fiber. Fiber backbones are necessary, but last mile can be accomplished many different ways. Bobby says, “Major carriers are letting customers down all across our country and are not held accountable by the government watchdogs like our FCC. Instead, they promise internet capacities they cannot deliver, then bill you on the promise.

High prices and bad customer service are easy for us to compete with.  I’ve built or participated in the building of wireless and fiber networks on a few continents.  I’ve enjoyed the travel and the look on a customer’s face when he or she sees what really great internet capacity looks like,” says Bobby Vassallo.


City wireless networks and ubiquitous WiFi enhance cities in numerous ways.  City services like water and power system controls, police, fire, ambulance, maintenance, security cameras, traffic control, and enhanced public safety.  These networks were maligned, early on, as the technology was not up to the task.  Today, these modern networks lower city costs by saving man-hours, insurance, fuel, etc

Fiber or Wireless “last mile?”

The speeds are the same and the cost is many times less when you go wireless.  We love these new networks and the ability to deliver services the day they are ordered. Many US companies are being hacked daily. These large US companies determined that being on a major carrier’s “public” network is somehow more secure. Public networks are not private.  Private networks are private. Click here to see the largest US entities hacked this year.

Bobby Vassallo’s favorite charities

Having been involved in many charities and serving on some boards, Bobby’s all-time favorite is Operation USA.  Operation USA has been active in most areas of the world.  Formed by Julie Andrews and Richard Walden, Bobby was a founding board member, traveling to Africa, Mexico and other stricken areas, providing either emergency medical relief or longer-term support.  They are tops!


Curing blindness all over the globe.
Curing blindness all over the globe.


A favorite friend and mentor of Bobby’s would be Dr. Jeff Rutgard, iSight Missions.  Jeff travels the world, curing blindness.  In fact, Jeff has cured more blindness than any other single human being; thousands see now.  iSight Missions is absolutely critical to bringing light to otherwise dark futures.  Dr. Rutgard is an absolute beacon of charitable giving.  He’s a regular one-man international ambassador for the US.  Find him on a beach somewhere in the world doing surgeries.