City Wireless Builder

To Bobby Vassallo, designing and building city wireless networks is both fun and rewarding.  International destinations present both regulatory and geographical challenges.  Proper planning makes for a proper result.

Bobby's group has designed, built and participated in many of these networks.  Current projects are in the US, as high prices and bad service from major carriers makes his job easy.

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Fiber, Wireless and WiFi Design

Good wireless projects begin with robust fiber capacity backing them up.  While urban US projects have abundant fiber, many rural areas are deficient.  International projects are problematic when it comes to finding a fiber source.  Most generally, it can be sourced.  Bobby Vassallo has worked on most continents and enjoys the challenge of coverage and capacities in these locations.

Equipment continues to improve, increasing the likelihood of a positive resulting network to benefit public safety and city services.  Police, fire, ambulance, water, power, cameras, education and many other services are assured with these robust, modern networks.

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Fiber Pulls and Installation

Bobby Vassallo knows that all good networks tie back to fiber. Fiber delivery is necessary for a successful city wireless network.  It delivers internet capacities that satellite cannot approach.  While fiber backbones are necessary, last mile can be accomplished many different ways.

Bobby says, “Major carriers are letting customers down all across our country and are not held accountable by government watchdogs like our FCC. Instead, they promise internet capacities they cannot deliver, then bill you on the promise."

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City Wireless Builder

City wireless networks and ubiquitous WiFi enhance cities in numerous ways.  City services like water and power system controls, police, fire, ambulance, maintenance, security cameras, traffic control, and enhanced public safety.  These networks were maligned, early on, as the technology and resulting equipment were not up to the task.  Today, these modern networks lower city costs by saving man-hours, insurance, fuel, and many other benefits to the public good.

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Bobby Vassallo consults:

Should your city or community desire a city wireless network, call Bobby for a consultation, saving your taxpayers money.