Recent fiber pull in Addison, TX.


Bobby Vassallo is a city wireless builder. He is also a fiber optic network builder and usually builds a hybrid of the two types. Bobby has built or participated in design of these new-age networks for almost two decades; since the technology was first coming of age.

Cities across America, depending on major carriers for even modest internet, are falling behind. High paying tech jobs go to cities with great internet. Cities like Chattanooga, TN are stepping up and building their own networks so that they can entice big companies to relocate. And, it is working.

Bobby Vassallo Bucket

Bobby encourages these cities to “up the stakes,” pulling their own fiber and creating tech jobs. The standard of living quickly improves around these special places, tax bases increase, and all benefit.

Bobby says, “If you want to dumb down and punish an economy, slow the internet to a trickle. Make internet slow and cause even the smallest tasks to take all day. That is how you throttle up or throttle down a city economy.  Cities renewing contracts with big carriers still operating old copper networks are being hurt the worst.”