Bobby Vassallo


Searching for internet finding none? Carrier letting you down? We hear it all the time.

City wireless builders know all good networks tie back to fiber.  Fiber backbones are necessary, but last mile can be accomplished many different ways.   Expert Bobby Vassallo says, “Major carriers are letting customers down all across our country and are not held accountable by the government watchdogs like our FCC.  Instead, they promise internet capacities they cannot deliver, then bill you for it.  High prices and bad customer service are easy to compete with.”

I’ve built or participated in the building of wireless and fiber networks on a few continents.  I’ve enjoyed the travel and the look on a customer’s face when he or she sees what really great internet capacity looks like,” says Bobby Vassallo.

Fiber or Wireless “last mile?”

The speeds are the same and the cost is many times less when you go wireless. We love these new networks and the ability to deliver services the day they are ordered.  Many companies are being hacked daily.  They are determined that being on a major carrier “public” network is somehow more secure.  They are not.


Speed at my desk?. Test yours. Then, change carriers.

“My desktop has gigabit with a 1 ms ping.  The WiFi is 150 megs.  Hotel customers enjoy this kind of speed as they should expect.”

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Hybrid Fiber Wireless Networks – REAL CAPACITY