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My Pursuits

I have a belief that you can drop an American kid into a jungle armed only with a Swiss Army Knife and he'll build a city.  Easy stuff for those blessed with first-world education and experiences.  I was trained by the best in emergency medical relief and how to run projects.

Our Story

In the late 70's I found myself in Los Angeles, trying to fit in.  I was asked to sit on the board of Operation California (Now Operation USA) with founders, Richard Walden and Julie Andrews.  Their pursuit of relief projects around the globe was empowering to me.  I enjoyed four years of boot-camp training from those two.

Favorite Charities

I like several, but support Operation USA, Nomadic Wellness, and iSight Missions.  Projects are ongoing as needs exist world-wide.  Money donated here translates to immediate and broad impact.  These groups deliver while others spend your money on advertising.

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Operation usa

Founded by Richard Walden and Julie Andrews

I am so proud to have learned from the best, and these two were both tireless and driven to make a major impact on our world.  While other charitable institutions bragged about their work on the latest disaster, OpUSA was there delivering.  Richard remains the best there is at running an NGO.  And, he still keeps other groups honest, calling them out when they abuse.  Your money gets there!

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iSight Missions

The finest of eye surgeons, Jeff Rutgard travels the world, curing blindness wherever he finds it.  FREE.  Jeff has performed more eye surgeries than any other human, curing thousands of a life of blindness.  I started supporting his calling years ago, when Jeff was operating out of his pocket.  I stayed on him for years and he finally filed a 501-C3 and began taking donations.  Imperative if you are going to totally stamp out blindness!

Nomadic Wellness

Nomadic wellness

Currently in remote Honduras building water purification systems for clinics and orphanages, this group is attempting to rid children of parasites and resulting intestinal problems.  There, sickness is a way of life.  Teamed with Chrystal Quest, the systems cost around $500 per location.

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