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Our Approach - Build it right

While a mediocre golfer, Bobby Vassallo is a well-known city wireless builder.  Vassallo enjoys communities and HOA projects which are quick and easy.   And, he is an expert at curing hotel internet and WiFi problems.

Generally, a dependency on antiquated, legacy carrier networks is a losing proposition.  Einstein was clear on his definition of insanity, but companies continue to call carriers running on copper wire, promising almost no chance of success.  And easily hackable, unlike the "private networks" Bobby's group builds for communities, hotels, car dealerships and other businesses demanding the utmost security.

Copper was built for telephone, coaxial cable for cable TV.  Your business is a data hog, depending on big internet your carrier probably is not and cannot deliver.  Fiber carriers can.

City Wireless Builder beginnings

Bobby's first project was Tijuana, Mexico.  An equipment vendor made numerous promises and while internet was delivered with success, telephone call quality was terrible.  Since telephone was the reason for the project, Bobby considered it a failure.

Since Tijuana, dozens of projects have been concluded.  Equipment quality improved and by 2006, decent equipment could be had.  Today, the equipment is remarkable, constantly improving and impressing the industry.  While those early city networks were failures, fixing them was sending good money after bad.  No longer.

Bobby has done some of the largest and most challenging city projects.  He has worked on the biggest hotels in the world and is currently pulling fiber in North Texas cities.

Next Steps...

"Let us know if we can help you.  We are quick and efficient.  Hotel projects are completed in a couple of weeks, most often.  City network timing is usually based on population and geography.   Contact us."