Fiber over Copper Wire

Fiber Optics over Copper Wire?

Our major carriers have sold us copper wire transmission since the early 1900’s.  If you understand the physics of copper, a fiber solution for your business is clear.  Data begs for fiber.  Many companies struggle between the hype and the reality. The carriers are still pushing their own (copper) agenda.  The reality is, you need fiber to run today’s networks.  Hundreds to thousands of man-hours can be saved at your business each year.

Fiber Advantages?  No Electromagnetic interference.

If you run VoIP phones, do you drop calls?  Do calls fade in and out, losing a few words here and there?  Interference in signal transmission on copper just doesn’t happen on glass fiber optics.  Radiation from electrical and magnetic fields doesn’t affect your glass fiber network.   Fiber just has a much higher bandwidth than copper wire.  And, the sheer speed and capacity increase makes your VoIP phone sing hallelujah!

Distance factor with Copper

With copper, there will be a loss in signal strength as the length of the cable increases. This attenuation loss is measured in decibels (dB).  If you are near your carrier’s DSL box, you may have decent internet.  If you are more than a mile, all goes to mush, causing you slow, painful work.

When the school children get home after 3pm, does your internet nosedive?  That would be copper…

The maximum allowed industry standard of attenuation for Cat 6 (copper) cable over 100 meters at 100 MHz is 20.9 dB which is a 94% loss in signal strength.

For fiber optics, only 3% loss is allowed.  Is fiber better?  Yes, by 91%!  Fiber simply retains higher bandwidth over drastically greater distances than copper cabling.  So, much lower power is required to power fiber, too.  Go Green!

GUARANTEED LEVELS OF SERVICE – Your copper carrier wouldn’t begin to do that.


Wiretapping your network (on copper) is easy.  Energy radiates from the cable. Since optical fiber doesn’t transmit electricity, there is no radiated energy to be tapped by an antenna. Tapping fiber optic cable is close to impossible, making your entire network much more secure.  On fiber, we locate attempts to hack our/your new private network in seconds.

Private Network

The US government along with some of the largest US companies have suffered.  CLICK HERE to see which of the largest US companies got hacked this past year.  You’ll know them all.

Speak to me about making you “Data Rich” in 2017.

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