Bobby Vassallo Portfolio of a few fiber and wireless projects

K/10 Cameroon

This concession, granted by the Cameroonian government included Wireless, fiber, long-distance and internet services.  This concession was developed in conjunction with Prince Etienne Ketcha.  Yaounde and D0uala with Spanish fiber coming to shore at Kribi.

Mexican Telecommunications Concession

Presto Mexico

PrestoTel developed 4500 miles of fiber in Mexico for a Mexican concession for long distance, telephone, internet and fiber.  The 30 Year concessions were given only to AT&T/Telnor, Telmex, MCI and PrestoTel at the time.  While other concessions were granted, they were only for smaller geographic areas, not the whole country.

Internet / WiFi / Long Distance


Met with royal family and Minister of Communications for all licenses necessary to build a wireless network tied back to fiber optics.



Lebanon / Dubai

Met with Lebanese President, Emil Lahoud, at the royal palace to discuss internet, long-distance voice and a WiFi network in Beirut. Security was a key factor, plus, the cost of long-distance was hurting the country's economics of international trade.