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Bobby Vassallo is a city wireless builder and fiber network provider.  Bobby’s background is extensive and covers four continents.  Fiber and hybrid network technologies are a passion and Bobby consults, designs and builds these.

City fiber projects are a current passion and Bobby is actively pursuing these opportunities.

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Bobby Vassallo

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Wifi for high-Density

Bobby enjoys the challenge of building fiber network to high-density environs. He enjoys the RF challenges of building WiFi into hotels, arenas and convention areas.  Having participated in building a dozen of the world’s largest hotel WiFi projects (Las Vegas) and dozens of others, his experience is called upon often by industry peers.  Bobby Vassallo is a city wireless builder and fiber network provider.

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Charitable Pursuits

A major part of Bobby’s life has been to pursue charitable projects which mix newer technologies with medical relief.  Bobby has participated in everything from earthquake relief to famine relief to disaster recovery in areas around the world (Operation USA).  He is currently assisting Nomadic Wellness in clean water projects in Honduras.

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Since 1993

Bobby Vassallo

Fishing, golf and following the Texas Longhorns’ sports are how Bobby spends his quality time.  Bobby stays active in tech projects and charitable pursuits, assisting where he can, but he loves lake time.

Having grown up in Dallas, Bobby has lived in NY, CA and Austin for school.  He is happy to be in Dallas.  Travel is easier and the fishing’s great!

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Check in…

Charitable pursuits are a passion.  If you have a need, please share it.  Emergency communications, medical relief, clinic building?  Reach out if you have ideas.

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